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Dear Counselor:

As we begin the new fiscal year 2014, we would like to thank you for your continued support and for the opportunity to provide quality assessment and employment services. As in the past, referrals and authorizations may be sent by mail, fax or e-mail. Contact information is as follows:

Mailing Address:

Career Assessment Systems, Inc.

30235 Salem-Alliance Rd., Suite A

Salem, Ohio 44460


Phone Number: (330) 332 - 9577
Toll Free: (877) 899 - 9577
Fax Number:

(330) 332 - 9576


In addition to the vocational testing/assessment services that we already provide, including Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation and Comprehensive Vocational Intelligence Evaluation, we have a licensed professional clinical counselor on staff to provide Psychological Testing in most of the geographical areas we cover. Please contact Beth at the office for area information. It is our hope that you will find our services useful in identifying appropriate job goals for your consumers when implementing the Individual Plan for Employment.

All of us at Career Assessment Systems, Inc. are pleased to continue serving you directly as a CARF accredited service provider, as well as offering you new and improved services. We look forward to continuing to work with you to help develop successful vocational plans and provide the services leading to successful outcomes and closures. Career Assessment Systems, Inc. "Putting pieces of the puzzle together for you."

For additional information please contact:

W. Brad Hale, President and Certified Vocational Evaluator

Phone (330) 332 - 9577 or (330) 360-6083

Career Assessment Systems, Inc.

30235 Salem-Alliance Rd., Suite A

Salem, Ohio 44460



CAS Report on outcomes - Fiscal Year 2020

During Fiscal Year 2020, data and statistics will show an overall -28% decrease in vocational service referrals totaling (396) to Career Assessment Systems, Inc. over FY 2019 total service referrals (546). This significant decrease may be attributed to the pandemic COVID-19 and a major refocus and implementation of a new "Distance Provision of Services" delivery system from OOD which was implemented in the second half of 2020 in order to safely work with participants given State of Ohio COVID-19 restrictions. Additionally OOD supervisors have informed CAS that their vocational rehabilitation counselors have decrease in overall referrals in FY 2020, thus affecting referrals for rehabilitation services to CAS. Even with these devastating cause and effects depletion in referrals, CAS continues to be innovative in the delivery of superior vocational rehabilitation services which is highly utilized by a majority of vocational rehabilitation counselors who superior information and advocate successful decision making power allowing for very successful Individual Plans of Employment for the participants they served in 2020.

Of all comprehensive vocational evaluation referral starts in FY20, 100% were completed within the services authorized time frame, and 100% of reports were completed within authorization period and 100% within CAS efficiency timelines. These excellent results even during a pandemic reflects CAS staff commitment to efficiency in order to meet the new mandated standards established by Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities as a part of the "Distance Provision of Services" delivery system.

Demographics of referrals continue to support the accessibility of services to all participants regardless of age, gender, race, heritage, cultural background, disability or economic level. Minority participants represented 25% of all referrals, 41% of all referrals were female, 59% were male. The majority, 98% of participants were between the ages of 18 and 65. Participants with varying degrees of disabilities were served by Career Assessment System Services, including nearly 25% diagnosed with some degree of physical disability. Of these, 17% represented a combination of physical/mental disabilities. Separate dual diagnosis referrals represented less than 01% of all referrals.

100% of the counselors who returned satisfaction surveys gave a "very good to excellent" rating that certified vocational evaluation services addressed or provided specific information and were effective in addressing participant’s vocational questions and needs in the development of a successful Individual Plan of Employment. This rating is consistent and reflects CAS exceptional staff experience and their ability to adjust to the changing needs of OOD counselors as they work together in a professional relationship given the significant changes that occurred relative to CAS vocational evaluation reporting system and the new OOD "Distance Provision of Services" delivery system in year 2020. Counselors who commented on their surveys shared the following quotes: "CAS adjustment to providing services with the pandemic is phenomenal" "the participant was provided the best of services given these times" "There adjustments to the changes we encountered this year were excellent" "CAS is the best".

The true effectiveness of Career Assessment Systems vocational services can be measured based on the number of participants who completed and were satisfied with their vocational services experience. Participants completed a survey after participating in the certified vocational evaluation service and subsequent staffing held with the counselor. These surveys and self addressed stamped envelopes were given to the participant at the time of the staffing and returned to CAS through the mail or through e-mail. 100% of participants indicated first contact with CAS after being referred was less than 10 days which is above the target CARF goal of 85%. 100% of the participants gave a good to excellent rating being completely satisfied with the "certified vocational evaluation service experience" they were involved in. It should be noted that participant's even though being contacted the day CAS received the referral from OOD, perceived a time lapse and confusion relative to their first contact with OOD who are also working from home do to State of Ohio COVID-19 restrictions. Participant's who commented on their surveys shared the following quotes: "Even when working at a distance through zoom the evaluator was so helpful in allowing me to complete the evaluation successfully" CAS office personnel and the evaluator was wonderful to work with" " They really helped me make good decisions" "The report and how it was explained made all the difference" " Thank you CAS could not have done this without you"

Additionally no formal participant complaints or grievances were submitted in fiscal year 2020.

CAS continues to be exceptional in providing Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation services for both participants and vocational rehabilitation counselors throughout the State of Ohio.

Respectfully Submitted,
W. Brad Hale, President
Career Assessment Systems, Inc.







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